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· · March 24, 2020

Sara S.

Always a welcome and friendly atmosphere! You can feel the positive energy as soon as you step in the door! Gina and staff are absolutely wonderful and want you to have the best experience. I was lucky enough to try the Halotherapy sauna with heat twice ...

· · March 13, 2020

Louise H

I've had massages from Heather, Wendi and Emily. They all do an amazing job. The environment is beautiful and relaxing.

· · March 12, 2020

Lacey B.

Emily did an excellent job, definitely recommend her and will be going back there for sure! 😁

· March 8, 2020

Tom B.

Heather does a great job targeting the knots and kinks I have managed to pick up during my everyday life. When I leave after the massage I feel revitalize and energized. Money well spent! I have been going to Heather off and on for maintenance relief for several years now.

· March 8, 2020

Courtney F

I a great first time experience. The staff was welcoming and gave my grandma and I your.

· · March 4, 2020

Jen P.

Friendly people, many classes, quiet rooms. Very nice. A place I recommend

· · February 28, 2020

Gail F

Heather. My go to girl for almost 5years of massage! Started after an injury. Continue at least monthly for maintenance. She is skilled & always on regardless if you are the first or last appointment for the day.

· · February 28, 2020

Gail F

Heather. My go to girl for almost 5 years of massage! Started after an injury. Continue at least monthly for maintenance. She is skilled & always on regardless if you are the first or last appointment for the day.

· February 18, 2020

Jeanne B

Utilized salt therapy at start of cold. Cold lasted only a few days and with very little over the counter meds. Highly recommend!!

· February 17, 2020

Deb J

I went to a halo therapy salt room session and found it very relaxing and renewing. Helped clear my head and paved the way to a great day.

· · February 16, 2020

Noah R

Emily has strong hands and does a great job

· · February 15, 2020

Doug O.

Thank you Emily for the best massage I’ve ever had!

· · February 9, 2020

Sue S.

First time! Had a one hour massage and felt tremendous afterward. Excellent customer service!

· January 24, 2020

Vicki A

Great service had a wonderful experience in the salt room Brenda was so nice and helpful

· January 23, 2020

Tom B.

I had a stiff neck for months and had gone to a chiropractor for relief but it was only temporary and came back after one day. Called Heather and got in for a deep tissue massage and low and behold my neck pain and stiffness is gone and not just for ove...

· · January 20, 2020

Heather M

I attended Gina’s Inner Exploration class in January. I had experienced the class one other time and had not experienced what I experienced this time. I had decided not to go feeling there were other things to do then to go to it again. I cannot expla...

· · January 17, 2020

Cath T

Consistent Amazing Energy shared with clients! Love the staff and appreciate all the special attention to creating sacred space for relaxation and healing 💜

· · January 16, 2020


Always great visiting balance. Great stress reliever and always fun!

· January 10, 2020

Kelsey T

I was suffering from severe sinus pressure and found the salt room at Balance in Buffalo. I didn’t know what to expect, but I left feeling absolutely amazing! The room is so peaceful and comfortable. I listened to a self meditation on the MP3 player they provided for the session and felt so relaxed I actually went to sleep for a bit. After my session, I felt so light and relaxed. My sinus pressure was decreased and the next morning I felt a huge difference. I can’t wait to go back again, this is a great opportunity to help your overall health and with letting go of stress!

· December 23, 2019

Catherine H.

Second time for this awesome and peaceful experience for myself, brought my husband and son to enjoy and they did! 🎁❤️🎄

· · December 21, 2019

Kirsten S

On my first visit at the Open house, I have felt very welcomed. Balance on Buffalo provides so many great therapeutic services. The salt room is a great place to just let go of any toxins and you come out of the salt room feeling so refreshed. I love the...

· · December 17, 2019

Jess J

Balance on Buffalo has a peaceful atmosphere and very knowledgeable staff. Heather is an amazing massage therapist!

· · December 8, 2019

Marybeth R.

Heather is THE BEST! She is my go to everytime I need work done. ❤🙃

· December 4, 2019

Rachel B

It was my first time there and I was very impressed. Everyone was very helpful and the atmosphere is so calming. I cannot wait to return back!

· November 23, 2019


I Love it there!! Ive been a customer for like 4 to years i think.

· · November 18, 2019

Diana S


· · November 16, 2019

Kim W.

Great experience and atmosphere!! I used the salt room and was very impressed! Will be going back! Great staff too!

· · November 13, 2019

Diana Stangel

Emily was excellent. You do not know what you need to relax until you have a massage.

· October 24, 2019

Joan H

I had my first hot Himalayan salt massage today. It was a wonderful experience. Applying heat with a massage allows for deeper work. My trouble spots feel so much better and I feel very relaxed. Overall I had a terrific experience.

· October 17, 2019

Denise L

Love the atmosphere and always great service.

· · October 5, 2019

Christine J

I had a massage appointment with Heather today. I went there with alot of neck and shoulder pain, and left feeling great! She did an amazing job!! Thank you Heather! See you next month!!

· · October 4, 2019

Jenni E

I would recommend Balance on Buffalo to anyone who needs to relax physically and mentally. Heather did an amazing job i have not felt this good in a long time.

· · October 1, 2019

Emily M

I absolutely love the salt room! I bought the unlimited package in September because I had a cold and it cleared up so much faster and I got more sleep at night without waking up as frequently to blow my nose. I also fall asleep every time I sit in the s...

· September 26, 2019

Brad C

Great place lots of detail good experience would go back

· September 6, 2019

Deena L

I appreciate the time and attention I receive at Balance on Buffalo. Heather does an amazing job! This is the perfect way to pamper myself.

· · September 5, 2019

Anna G

Wendy does a phenomenal job, Walk out of there feeling great. Highly recommend her!!! Thanks Wendy

· · August 29, 2019

Lori J.

Came away feeling very relaxed thanks to Heather who gave a top notch massage.

· · August 21, 2019

Rob B

I have had a fair number of massages in my life and for the most part have enjoyed them all. However, I had a Ayurvedic Dosha Therapeutic Massage with Emily last month and it was absolutely amazing!! I will becoming back to see her every month. I highly ...

· August 15, 2019

Jeanne B

Gina does wonders with my neck and shoulders! Amazing how she finds the spots that are bad that I didn’t even realize.

· August 3, 2019

Heather M

I have gone into the salt room several times since it was brought to Balance. Since the opening of it I have not had a single cold or experience of flu symptoms (over this last Winter/cold flu season). I work closely with a lot of people in the work I d...

· · August 2, 2019


I have not gotten sick all winter(with family getting the normal winter bugs), no allergies in spring/summer since I have been going in the salt room. I feel fantastic!

· · July 31, 2019

Stephanie S.

I highly recommend a massage with Emily. Best massage I've ever had!

· · July 25, 2019

Ann L.

I had a great massage today with Heather. I highly recommend her and will be back soon for another!

· July 17, 2019

Linda W

Awesome experience. So relaxed when I was done. Will definitely go back again.

· July 9, 2019

Chris L

I suffered from plantar fasciitis for years. I was apprehensive on massage therapy because I didn’t think I could relax enough. I saw Gina and she made me feel very relaxed! Her massage is amazing beyond words. After a session and recommentions on daily ...

· · July 3, 2019

John D

Love the Salt Room! I can breathe!!!

· · July 2, 2019


I have had great relief from allergies in the Salt Space! Loving it!!

· · July 2, 2019

Kelly L.

I have been to see Gina for many ailments I encountered.... She is by far the BEST! I recently had her massage me for plantar fasciitis. It was a ONE time treatment! She didn’t push me to come back. She is true. I also purchased CBD oil and ointment, wh...

· June 14, 2019

Wonderful experience. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Wonderful experience. Would highly recommend to anyone.

· May 13, 2019

Jeanne B.

Excellent massage. Would highly recommend facility for massage and salt room which I have partaken in!

· · May 12, 2019

Shanna B

This place is wonderful. Heather is so great at what she does.

· May 12, 2019


Loved the chair message