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About Yoga Tai Chi

Our YOGA classes are an hour in length & suitable for all levels.  Each certified yoga teacher brings her own uniqueness & energy.  Our classes are a variety of Vinyasa, Gentle Hatha, & Yin style yoga.  Vinyasa means “linking movement with breath” & hatha and yin postures can be held longer to achieve a deeper stretch.

We offer modifications, amplifications, and props; this practice is accessible to everyone!

We supply yoga mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and meditation cushions on a first come, first serve basis. Feel free to bring your own if you have them.

Some of the benefits of yoga include......

  • relaxation of body and mind which in turn revitalizes your nervous system
  • a feeling of peace and stability
  • a feeling of being 'taller'
  • holding good posture more easily and without effort
  • becoming acquainted with muscles you didn't know you had - which is the first step in toning them up
  • a feeling of being more energized - if not immediately, certainly the next day
We ask that you please Pre-Register for our workshops.  This allows the instructor time to prepare materials and ensure enough space for participants.  Most of our workshops require a minimum number of people enrolled for the class to take place.  By Pre-Registering we save your spot and you are helping to assure the workshop you are interested in happens.  If you’re not able to pre-register, please call us prior to the start of the workshop to determine status and availability. 

Register @ www.balanceonbuffalo.com, call us @920.684.888, or email balanceonbuffalo@gmail.com

Yoga Tai Chi

Yoga Rates and Packages

Class Packages must be used within 120 days of purchase, no exceptions.
20 classes $170 BUY NOW
10 classes $95 BUY NOW
5 classes $50 BUY NOW
Drop In (unless otherwise noted) $12 BUY NOW

Yoga Classes

Yoga is the practice of linking breath with movement. In this class we will cover the basic Yoga poses in a gentle flow with breath techniques that will encourage calming and clearing of the mind, body, and spirit. Flow will consist of standing poses, seated poses, balance, basic backbends, and basic inversions. Basic Yoga will familiarize students with the different Yoga styles and termonology out there at a pace for all to understand and easily walk into. Class will be taught in a way that beginners and students ranging in all levels of Yoga experience will resonate with. Relaxation will be encouraged in every class with restorative poses and other self-care tools. We will learn ways to bring our Yoga out of the classroom and into our daily lives. Yoga has been proven to be a successful wellness practice overall for mind, body, and spirit helping many to reduce stress leading to additional healthy lifestyle choices and improved health in a variety of positive ways.
Join Heather for a fun flow and random number
of Sun Salutations leading up to participation in a full 108 Mala practice on Wednesday, June 21st.  This ritual practice will be intentional, energizing, physical, and meditative. A full sun salutation, Surya Namaskar, consists of 12 poses which exercise all major muscle groups and joints in addition to stimulating our major internal organs similar to an internal massage. Our sets of Sun Salutations will be practiced consciously and slowly as a moving meditation. Keeping in mind one of the best parts of this practice is that Yoga is not only meditative it is also fun! There are no rules, complete what you are able to, retreat when you feel a rest is needed, sit or lay on your mat as long as you prefer and modify when your body requires. This will be a practice in breath and movement, honoring our body, and not a competition or race to complete. Classes will be held in the Yoga room at Balance on Buffalo. When weather allows we will walk over to Union Park together. Bring your own mat.
Series Class includes free Tshirt amd 108 Union Park. Please sign up for Series under Workshops. Drop in for 21st $15

This class is appropriate for all students seeking the benefits of a very relaxing and nourishing practice for mind, body, and spirit. Restorative Yoga is a gentle and meditative style of Yoga which requires no muscular exertion; each pose is held for several minutes while deeply supported by props-blankets, bolsters, and blocks. Props will support the body to deepen the benefits of the poses. Candlelight enhances feelings of relaxation and peace which support calming and healing of mind and spirit. This practice will help to uplift mood, release tension, and aid in healing on deeper levels. It is a relaxing and restful practice that creates specific physiological responses that are beneficial to health and can reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression. It is a wonderful adjunct to an active yoga practice. It can also be a great first class for a beginner or for those recovering from injury or illness.

Gentle Yoga includes mindful, slow paced floor poses, seated postures, spinal twisting, standing postures, gentle back bends, and deep breathing. This class features a slow paced intergration in the beginning of class and a long savasana at the end of class. Props will be used when needed. This is an ideal class for those new to yoga, as well as the experienced student who enjoys this gentle approach to their practice. No experience is required.
Suitable for yogis of all levels, this class will incorporate breathwork, mindfulness, and asana (poses) for building strength and flexibility. New postures will be regularly introduced, while reinforcing foundational postures and sequences.
In Slow Flow we move slowly from one pose to the next, with long holds in each pose, so that we can observe how we get into each pose, how we hold the pose, where the breath is in the body, and where we can correct alignment. Throughout the class, we take moments to rest to give ourselves the opportunity to process our practice and check in with ourselves. Slow Flow is about strengthening and deep stretching in the body while moving to a slower rhythm of movement. We can carry our practice of Slow Flow into our everyday lives. It will help us be more mindful, grounded, and balanced in everything we do and train us to avoid reacting quickly to stress in our lives. This class will offer an introduction and exploration of a variety of spiritual practices, healing tools, and techniques that can be easily learned and taken off the mat. Exploration of our energy centers with Yoga poses and energy techniques will help us to release what doesn't serve us, leaving class each time lighter emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Class will encourage healing through release of stored energy helping us to move forward through life with lightness and greater happiness.
Please sign up under Workshops. Call us at 684-8880 for more info
All levels welcome! It is always good to learn and review the essentials of yoga. This class will focus on key poses which then become the building blocks to taking your practice to the next level.