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Sound Massage Therapy Sessions & Rates

Peter Hess® Sound Massage

Please allow 75 minutes per appointment (Gina Only)

Original Peter Hess Sound Massage Session $90             Book Now
Package of 5 Original Peter Hess Sound Massage Sessions $433

Sound massage allows you to tune into and join the sound, for a holistic massage of the body,to achieve relaxation and integration. This sound permanently creates resonance inside the bodyand creates the impression to be time- and space-less.The resting person quickly calms down and enters a space of deep relaxation.Because of the sensing of the sound and the resonance the focus shiftsfrom the outer impulses to what happens inside oneself.

“The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tension, mobilizes self healing forces, and sets free creative energies.” -- Peter Hess, founder

Sound Massage Provides Deep Relaxation and:

...is non invasive

...can be used in both private and group settings

...feels soothing and pleasant

...harmonizes the body

...helps rebuild our sense of safety and security

...provides space to let go of what no longer serves us

...is supportive to many other therapies

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