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About Us

Mission Statement

To establish a safe, open and inviting atmosphere in which each client's individual needs are respected and met. To always be highly ethical, professional, skilled and focused. To help guide and nurture an awareness of Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit and the space in between for all.

  • Salt Space and Halotherapy in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

In 2002 Gina Armstrong created Therapeutic Massage Works LLC and rented one room in the Prigge Insurance Building on Memorial Drive in Two Rivers. It was a modest start with a grand vision to create a wellness center. With continued growth, in 2009, Gina purchased the old "stained glass place" that was built in 1889, a beautiful cream city brick building located on the corner of Buffalo and 10th street and named it Balance on Buffalo.

  • Salt Space and Halotherapy Sheboygan Wisconsin

An opportunity to cleanse, remodel, and restore the historic building occurred in May of 2012 when an intense 4 alarm fire forced Therapeutic Massage Works LLC to work at an offsite location. Therapeutic Massage Works moved back into Balance on Buffalo in January 2013 after eight months of restoring and rebuilding.

  • Yoga Studio Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Balance on Buffalo continues to grow and flourish in a variety of health based areas. Along with an expanded massage therapy department, in 2013 a yoga program was established and continues to flourish with some very gifted teachers. The yoga program welcomes individuals of all levels and consistently offers beginner yoga classes and different workshops. Since 2016 our Yoga and Well Being programs have expanded into the corporate arena. We are proud to offer consistent, professional and inspiring classes and workshops into the work place.

  • Yoga Studio in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

As of 2013, Balance on Buffalo (Manitowoc) and Balance on Panther (Sheboygan) is known worldwide as a Peter Hess Sound Academy for interested individuals to obtain their certification in sound therapy and purchase authentic Peter Hess® Sound Bowls. Gina Armstrong is one out of two people in the USA accredited to teach Peter Hess® sound massage. Part of the therapeutic services offered at Balance are sound therapy massages with the use of Tibetan signing bowls and the unique Soundwave Table, an incredibly powerful instrument for sound healing. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 Gina furthered her studies in Sound and obtained her Tama-Do certification with Fabian Maman in Switzerland. Gina continues to weave sound and vibration into her life, in 2018 Gina attended a 8 day gong immersion training with Mitch Nur. Watch for even more offerings!

  • Salt Room and Halotherapy in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

In 2018 a Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) Room. Salt therapy benefits people of all ages and is great for overall wellness, respiratory, and skin.

The business extends into the community with Reiki and Sound Vibration classes being offered at UW Manitowoc, UW Sheboygan, UW Fox Valley. Therapeutic Massage Works LLC continues to oversee the massage therapy program at Acuity Insurance in Sheboygan which Gina developed over 14 years ago.

The vision that was created over 17 years ago has shifted and grown along side of all those that have walked through the doors of Balance on Buffalo. Our goal has always been to offer a safe, nurturing space to encourage all that are seeking, a place to explore a variety of opportunities to grow, learn, heal and transform their lives if they so choose. For those that grace Balance's presence every day and for those that have experienced a glimpse of the heart space that is Balance we give thanks and will be forever grateful for supporting and helping create the Balance on Buffalo that shine's today.