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Yoga Tai Chi

Our YOGA classes are an hour in length & suitable for all levels.  Each certified yoga teacher brings her own uniqueness & energy.  Our classes are a variety of Vinyasa, Gentle Hatha, & Yin style yoga.  Vinyasa means “linking movement with breath” & hatha and yin postures can be held longer to achieve a deeper stretch.

We offer modifications, amplifications, and props; this practice is accessible to everyone!

We supply yoga mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and meditation cushions on a first come, first serve basis. Feel free to bring your own if you have them.

Some of the benefits of yoga include......

  • relaxation of body and mind which in turn revitalizes your nervous system
  • a feeling of peace and stability
  • a feeling of being 'taller'
  • holding good posture more easily and without effort
  • becoming acquainted with muscles you didn't know you had - which is the first step in toning them up
  • a feeling of being more energized - if not immediately, certainly the next day

We ask that you please Pre-Register for our workshops.  This allows the instructor time to prepare materials and ensure enough space for participants.  Most of our workshops require a minimum number of people enrolled for the class to take place.  By Pre-Registering we save your spot and you are helping to assure the workshop you are interested in happens.  If you’re not able to pre-register, please call us prior to the start of the workshop to determine status and availability. 

Register @ www.balanceonbuffalo.com, call us @920.684.888, or email balanceonbuffalo@gmail.com


Yoga Tai Chi

Yoga Rates and Packages

We offer 20+ Classes per month. Class Packages are designed to help give incentive to keeping a regular community yoga practice. If you are unclear  of your schedule we encourage you to use the drop in rate. Thank you for understanding that ALL passes must be used within 4 months of purchase, no exceptions. We encourage you to sign up for each class at least 3 hours in advance so we can plan accordingly. Help us be considerate of our teachers time, classes with less then 2 participants are subject to cancellation so please pre-register.

10 classes $95  
5 classes $50  
Drop In (unless otherwise noted on Series Classes) $12  

Yoga Classes (Please note look under Yoga Series for Workshops and Series Classes)

Please click on each class for a description