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Gina Armstrong LMT #2572, CST

Understanding the connection between body, mind, and spirit is key to healing and well-being. This is something Gina Armstrong firmly believes, and it is what she bases her practice of massage and sound therapy on. Gina helps co-create a safe haven with her clients in order for them to heal and empower themselves on the pathway of quality health. As a 2002 graduate of the Blue Sky School of Massage Therapy, Gina is board certified, state-licensed, and is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association.


Gina’s unique style of massage is guided entirely by the needs of the individual and incorporates Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy (NMT), John Barne’s MFR, and Myoskeletal alignment. Her technique is also influenced with an infusion of Peter Hess® Sound Massage and Fabian Maman’s Sound, Color, and Movement Modality; Tama-Do Gina's clients come from every walk of life: athletes, executives, acute and chronic pain sufferers, and even babies. Her aim is to first provide them with pain relief and then set them on a course of self-healing. She hopes you can join her on this journey toward a better life built on the solid foundation that exists in the harmony of mind, body, and spirit!


As the owner and operator of Therapeutic Massage Works, LLC since 2002 and Balance on Buffalo LLC since 2009, Gina offers, along with her team of highly trained therapists, the very best in massage therapy, yoga, classes, and workshops.



Heather Muszynski LMT #12875, RYT

Heather is passionate about commitment to health and wellness practices as a way to transform circumstances and thrive through life. She works to create and hold a safe space and experience for clients to heal and grow through their own personal journeys. She began practicing Yoga prior to massage school and desired a fit connecting the two in one place because of the profound health and healing benefits that each can facilitate. She is a 2014 graduate of Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Body Work. She became a Certified Yoga Teacher through Wild Abundant Life in August of 2015. She completed her Reiki Master certification through Balance on Buffalo earlier this year and credits her own Reiki self-care sessions for profound positive shifts and healing in her own life. Her intention is to offer and share these practices and tools to help others move forward through life experiences with greater awareness, happiness, and lightness. She works to focus and create community and connections, so that others know and feel connected to something positive as well as knowing we are all a part of each others experience. Her favorite connection is being able to observe and be a part of the experiences of others in their own health and healing transformations. Reiki and Hot Stone sessions are her favorite sessions to give as they have been a way for her to deepen her healing creativity and connect and share something with others that is bigger then herself.



Wendi Franz LMT #12847

When the body experiences stress, injury, and overuse it creates a chain reaction of unbalance. Regular massage will help you to stay mobile, pain free, and to a life full of activities. I have a acquired a knowledgeable background and the ability to work on specific areas of the body and achieve results. My goal is to give you the tools to both prevent injuries and also aid in your own healing journey. I have been practicing massage full-time in both a clinical and spa setting since graduating from Blue Sky School of Massage Therapy and Bodywork in 2014. My background is in manufacturing so I am well versed in the challenges that repetitive movements have on the body. I enjoy an active lifestyle that involves anything outside, running, biking, and martial arts. My families new passion has been Cross Fit. Though I have many different modalities of training, I specialize and enjoy doing specific work like Trigger Point, NMT, and Cupping. Every session is customized to fit the needs of each individual; anything from 60min of relaxation to 2 hrs of just neck and shoulders. My focus is on helping you achieve your goals.


Andrea Steimle RYT,

Andrea began a personal yoga journey 3 years ago after on going health issues influenced her to take a more holistic life style approach. Since then yoga has been an anchor for her life, and her practice provides the stability and balance for the fast-paced environment off the mat. Her drive for well-being led her to switch careers and awaken to her inner truth as she now embraces her soul’s purpose and service through yoga. As an instructor Andrea hopes to encourage students to develop a passion for understanding who and what we are through a diligent commitment to yoga. She holds a Master of Arts in Education, and taught as an elementary classroom teacher for 13 years in Wisconsin, Florida, and Texas. Outside of the studio, she enjoys practicing a mindful and meaningful lifestyle; going on daily adventures with her son Everett, playing outside with Mother Earth, and reading. Andrea is a 200-HR RYT with Yoga Alliance, trained in the style of Vinyasa Flow through Yoga on the Lake in Kohler, Wisconsin.


Jessica Rassel

Jessica Rassel RYT,

As a working Illustrator and Muralist, I found yoga when my creative life presented an opportunity to join the team at Yoga on the Lake in 2015. Soon after I fell in love with the transformation that occurs when community comes together to heal.

I believe yoga is for every body. I believe yoga, like life, is art. Yoga creates the space to embrace all shades of ourselves; to see that the bright, colorful moments combined with the contrasting darkness we experience is the beauty that colors our lives.

My goal is to offer a space of non-judgment to become fully present in the body and to quiet the mind in order to hear the subtle voice of intuition. We will use the breath to build strength while allowing softness to bring balance.

I am forever grateful for my teachers, Jessica Warren & Kristie Hass-Splivalo for their wisdom and unconditional support while earning my 200-HR RYT with Yoga Alliance in the style of Vinyasa flow at Yoga on the Lake. I am excited to continue my yoga teaching journey with you at Balance on Buffalo!


Maureen Bourland CRYT

A move to Kohler and entering empty nest brought me to the practice of yoga.  The simple yet challenging aspect of breath to movement started to transform my every day life in unexpected positive ways...... a new sense of calm and perspective on transition were major benefits for me.  After a serious foot injury and surgery, yoga also became my path to recovery. I decided to take teacher training at YOTL.

I am a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, trained in the style of Vinyasa Flow.   I believe yoga is:

For everyone - no matter age, shape, size or ability.

Focused on breath and movement to activate body, mind and spirit both on and off the mat.

For self-care so we can in turn care for others.

When not doing yoga, I enjoy time with my husband and 3 children, travel, reading and good food.  

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Niccole Muhowski RYT, RD

Niccole was first exposed to yoga in college and began to practice regularly in 2011. Niccole has had three knee surgeries and a shattered ankle and has felt her body realign by doing yoga. In 2015 she completed her 200 your Teacher Training Program through Wild Abundant Life.
Niccole has learned to balance her life, improve her physical health, and incorporate the principles of yoga into all that she does.  These life guides help Niccole to live a life of bliss and help her balance what would be consider strengths and weaknesses in life. Through these principles Niccole has been able to be more accepting and less judgmental about herself, her body and other people in her life.Using the four most basic alignments, Niccole is able to teach to beginners as well as advanced students. It is her goal to ensure beginners feel good and knowledgeable in any of the classes they attend with her.
Niccole is a practicing social worker. She enjoys running, biking, gardening, cooking and especially her role as a wife and step-mother. Yoga helps her do all of these things in the healthiest way possible.  
Niccole is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).


Kathy Olson CRYT

I have been practicing yoga regularly for over 7 years, becoming certified as a 200 hour (RYT) through the Yoga Alliance in 2016. The practice of yoga is the “vitamin pill” that grounds my life, energizes my body, and improves every aspect of life. I am passionate about sharing the transformative benefits of yoga with students.

My personal yoga philosophy is grounded in service to the student. My goal is to create a calm, welcoming environment where students feel free to express themselves without judgement. Each class follows an intelligent yoga sequence that enhances flexibility, balance, strength, and relaxation. By incorporating breath and movement we relax the mind bringing us to a more peaceful state enhancing our overall well-being.

Through the practice of yoga, we find our edge, learn to soften our expectations, and make room for growth. I hope to inspire and guide students as they take the lessons learned on their mat and weave them into a life lived more fully in the present moment with contentment and happiness.

When not practicing yoga, you can find me in my flower garden, hiking and biking the trails of Wisconsin and beyond or enjoying a good book.




Gary Dischler

Gary is a teacher, counselor, and healer. His background includes a degree in education and training in Psychosynthesis, an integrative healing technique to heal and balance our physical, mental,emotional and spiritual selves. A Reiki Master and intuitive counselor, Gary has studied many of the Ancient Cultures, their healing methods, and Spirituality. A native of Sauk County, Wisconsin, he has traveld to many of the world's Sacred Sites and has studied the Ageless Wisdom of Masters. He attends national and global conferences on spirituality, personal development, and growth of human consciousness. He continues to study with a group in Madison where he strives to learn, grow and evolve along with the rest of us. Gary is committed to doing his part on the Earth at this critical time by sharing his insights with people in private and group sessions, as well as teaching groups whenever he is called.